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Look after your pads !
Our factory carefully compresses and packs the pads in as small a bag as they can. This means our lorries can carry lots of packs, and so reduce the number of lorries on the road, and more importantly, the packs then take up less room in your home.

Once you get them, please keep them somewhere dry, such as a spare room or wardrobe. Pads can absorb moisture from the air, so if stored in steamy bathrooms or damp sheds, their performance can be reduced.

When you open the packet, the pads have been compressed, so we advise you to open the packet, allowing the first pads to “fluff” back up, so they will give you the best possible performance.

When wearing a pad, skin creams are not always necessary but should always applied sparingly. Too much of some creams can leave a waterproof barrier on the pad, so it would not absorb anything.

Used pads normally are disposed of in the ordinary refuse, once in a bag. Check with your local council.

How do I store my Novamed products?

The correct storage of your products is very important to ensure that they work to their maximum potential.
•    Please keep all containment pads in their bags.
•    Please store at room temperature
•    Do not store the products in damp or cold environments like bathrooms, sheds or garages.

How do I dispose my Novamed products?
•    Dispose the used products as per the local guidelines in household refuge
•    The bags can be recycled as per the local guidelines
•    Do not flush your Novamed containment pads down the toilet