Nappy Rash Treatment For Adults

Nappy rash can be a problem for adults, too, although it's not very common. Nappy rash, also known as diaper rash or diaper dermatitis, is an inflammation of the skin around the area of a cloth nappy. This happens when moisture and bacteria build-up against the skin. Some adults can get nappy rash even when not wearing cloth nappies because of their skin sensitivity.

Often it is the baby who suffers from nappy rash, and most parents immediately associate it with the cloth diapers they've chosen to use for their baby. However, some adults can also suffer from this problem, even when they don't wear cloth diapers. So if you're thinking that a change in your diapers might be improving your symptoms, it might not be such a magic cure after all.

You may need some other kind of treatment for your nappy rash.
Diaper rash can also happen when you wear a different kind of nappy, such as disposable diapers. However, it's worth trying to find out whether there's something about how you use your cloth diapers that might be contributing to the problem. Here's how you can treat nappy rash without having to resort to using anything very specialized.

Adult Nappy Rash Treatment
If you get nappy rash and think your cloth diapers might cause it, try these tips for treating it:
● Change frequently (at least every 2 hours for babies).
● Use fewer layers in the diaper if possible (e.g. try a shorter tab-style diaper, or try layering with a towel rather than another nappy).
● Wash the diapers between uses.
● Avoid washing with harsh detergents.
● Use skin protection cream after each nappy change.
It doesn't seem fair that adults should have to put up with diaper rash as well as babies do, but sometimes it's impossible to avoid it. If you still get nappy rash despite trying these measures for a couple of weeks, then it might be time to see your doctor and ask for some advice about what else you can try.
It's also worth checking with your doctors to see if they know of any other treatment methods available for treating diaper rash in adults that you can try.
And don't forget to put these tips into action daily – studies have shown that this can reduce the chances of getting nappy rash by 85%.

Finding the right nappy for adults can be tricky, but it's also not as complicated as you may think. The two main factors to consider are the nappy's fit and the diaper's absorbency.

Growing up with bowel problems, The nappy fit is essential and will determine how much the nappy will hold. When choosing a nappy for adults, you need to find one that won't leak when it's full and one that fits comfortably without causing any pressure on the skin. You should also ensure there is enough absorbency with your chosen nappy so that you don't need as many layers of absorbent material on top. This means finding a nappy with a booster or an insert.
The most popular choice is pre-fold or fitted disposables, which are better suited to adult use than other types of disposable.
For more absorbency, you can always add a booster or an insert. Prefold nappies are made from a single layer of cotton fabric, which allows for plenty of absorbencies when the nappy is folded correctly. This type of nappy is incredibly comfortable and will provide an excellent fit for adults.

Fitted nappies are made from multiple layers stitched together with waterproof flaps and can have up to 7 layers of soft fabric. There's no sewing involved in this type of nappy, and they're easy to fit even when you're in a rush in the morning.