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If you are incontinent, you may want to know more about incontinence pads. These products can help maintain bladder control when a person is unable to do so themselves. They come in different sizes and shapes, making it easier for people with incontinence issues to find the right incontinence pad that best fits their needs. This article will provide information on incontinence pads and how they work for those who need them.

- incontinence pads are designed in different shapes and sizes to suit individual needs.
- incontinence pads can be used under clothes or with loose trousers.
- incontinence pads may not absorb as much liquid as a diaper would, but they provide some level of protection for the user's clothing - especially if the person is wearing close-fitting garments like jeans.

Incontinence pad use should be limited to two hours before it should be changed; this will help prevent skin irritation due to prolonged contact between urine and the pad material. If an incontinent event lasts longer than that, medical attention from your doctor may be needed so. Please call them immediately!

Incontinence pads are for males and females who have incontinence.
In many different styles and sizes, incontinence pads can be purchased from stores that sell incontinence supplies, pharmacies, grocery stores, or even online. They are also available for purchase with a prescription.

Incontinent pad costs vary depending on the type of pad being used and where it is being purchased. The average cost ranges between £20-£50 per box. Still, prices may go as high as £100 to more than £200 per box if your incontinence pads need to be custom designed because you require something unusual like an adhesive strip or wings that adhere to clothing, so they don't move around or fall off during use.

Incontinence pads are meant to be disposed of after use, making sure there is a bin nearby or in the room where you will be using them.
You can wear your normal clothing with incontinence pads in place. Incontinence pads are designed to be worn under your clothes so that they won't show.

Incontinent pad needs should be assessed periodically and need reordering as needed - usually every three months or so depending on the individual situation. Check with your doctor for their recommendation on frequency of changing inc

If you find you are using many pads, you may need to think about purchasing a more suitable pad.

For those who have heavy flow from the vagina, use a different pad with more absorbent material. The best way to find out what type of incontinence pads are right for you is by talking to us here at Novamed Pads.

Here at Novamed Pads, we can assist you in choosing the correct incontinent pad for your specific incontinence needs.

- incontinent pads are available for men and women, toddlers to seniors
- incontinence pads can be found in a variety of sizes from small to extra large incontinent pads - the size you need might change over time as well, so it is essential to monitor this type of thing with our healthcare provider periodically.

There is no such thing as one incontinence pad that will work best for everyone, but we strive at Novamed Pads to find the right incontinent pad for each customer's individual needs.

Novamed Pads always strives on finding that perfect balance between coverage, style, absorbency, breathability and comfort! And because we offer such great pads, a customer rarely has to change the selection of incontinent pads that they use.

We also understand the need for incontinence pads to be discreet. We are proud to say that our incontinent pad products make it possible with various colours, sizes, shapes and patterns!

Novamed Pads strives on finding a balance between coverage, style, absorbency breathability comfort when selecting an incontinence pad - we offer such a wide selection there is rarely a need to change what type of incontinence pads you currently use.