Underpads 60*90 cm


Size: 60x90cm 25 Pads per Bag - Absorbency: 1700ml

Our Underpads are a versatile product which may be used to add protection to those hard to clean surfaces such as beds and cushions, or when body worn products are not appropriate ( in this care, the pads should be in direct contact with the skin).

Novamed Underpads have super absorbents which offer absorption capacity against accidental leakages. They have a waterproof back-sheet and soft top sheet that locks in moisture and minimises odours.


Product Benefits: -

  • Soft Surface Material which is kind to the skin.
  • Absorbent Core provides comfort for individuals
  • Waterproof plastic back-sheet helps prevent leakages
  • Minimises odour
  • Hygienic and comfortable
  • Protects multiple hard-to-clean surfaces
  • Easy and hassle free returns on unopen and unused bags
  • Quality products at affordable pricing

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