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Artikel: Incontinence Management in Summer

Incontinence Management in Summer - Novamed (Europe) ltd

Incontinence Management in Summer

Incontinence Management in Summer

With warm weather and sun shining – Summer is a great time to explore the outdoors, to go for a walk, enjoy a day at the beach, go to a caravan park or travel for summer holidays to a new exciting destinations. While this may be an exciting time for some, people living with incontinence may find themselves worrying about the ways to manage incontinence in summers rather than enjoying beautiful British summers.  

Please find below steps you can take to manage continence this summer with confidence whilst enjoying yourself to the fullest. 

 1. Stay Hydrated

Proper hydration is critical throughout the year, but it is especially during the summer months. People with incontinence restrict their fluid intake to try and avoid accidents. Staying hydrated is a key component of preventing incontinence, especially when out and about during summer months. Always opt for frequent small sips of fluid at regular intervals instead of downing and entire beverage during a single sitting. Some beverages should be consumed in moderation such as alcohol, coffee, tea and fizzy drinks, which can irritate the bladder.

 2. Eat Well

When managing incontinence, it is a good idea to eat a balanced and healthy diet which should include fruits and vegetables. Fibre rich food will help prevent constipation which can exacerbate both urinary and bowel incontinence. Eating foods like watermelon, cucumber, melons can be good in summers as they will keep you hydrated.

 3. Protect your skin

As we sweat more during the summer it is important to maintain a good intimate hygiene. People with incontinence may be prone to rashes or skin infections because cold urine can irritate the skin, and the summer heat can make it worse. If you use incontinence containment pads please ensure that you change them regularly. Please use barrier creams as advised by your healthcare professionals.

 4. Incontinence Products

Always choose and wear right incontinence products to manage your levels of incontinence. To manage light incontinence you can choose inco pads. Medium to Heavy incontinence can be managed through Disposable incontinence pants and All-in-ones / Slips.  

 5. Stay Active

Summer is a great time to explore outdoors. Go for walks with friends, family or join your local walking groups. Regular exercise can help one maintain a healthy weight.





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