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Artikel: Novamed - Common Bladder Irritants

Novamed - Common Bladder Irritants - Novamed (Europe) ltd

Novamed - Common Bladder Irritants

Common Bladder Irritants - Caffeine, Alcoholic Drinks, Spicy Food, Smoking, Acidic Foods, Fizzy Drinks, Sugar, Dairy

Common Bladder Irritants Include: 

- Caffeinated Drinks this is not just limited to coffee but also tea, fizzy drinks etc. 

- Alcoholic Drinks 

- Spicy food 

- Smoking 

- Acidic Foods 

- Fizzy Drinks 

- Sugar 

- Dairy 

There are number of drinks that may irritate the bladder such as tea or coffee (whether decaffeinated or not), carbonated drinks, drinks containing aspartame (artificial sweetener found in diet drinks), hot chocolate, green tea, alcohol, blackcurrant juice and citrus fruit juice.

Drinks which are believed not to irritate the bladder are: water, herbal and fruit tea, milk and diluted fruit squash.

Some foods also irritate the bladder such as tomatoes and spicy food.

People with Over Active Bladder are advised to think carefully about their fluid intake.

Aim to drink about 1-1.5 litres a day. You can adjust the amount you drink according to your need. Being thirsty is a guide that your body needs water. So if you are exercising, or in a hot climate, then you will be sweating and losing water and therefore you will need to compensate for that.

Remember that your food contains water, particularly fruits and vegetables; this can be up to half a litre each day.

It is recommended that if you have Over Active Bladder, you should reduce your fluid input by 25%, as long as you drink more than one litre of fluid a day. If you are getting up at night to pass urine, then try to reduce your fluid intake in the evening, four hours before going to bed. Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed. If you feel thirsty or need to take medications, then you can have small sips of water.

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