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Artikel: The view from Novamed (Europe)

The view from Novamed (Europe)

For many of us, there can be a time in our lives when we, or a loved one will need to use a continence pad. Pads which can also be called incontinence pads serve a vital purpose, allowing us to get on with those more important things in life.


 For some unfortunate people, use may be permanent, but today's pads, such as those produced by Novamed, are quiet, comfortable and effective. As with most things in life, the key to success is getting the right product. Just like baggy pants, a baggy pad just won't be comfortable, or will leak!

 You do need to measure your middle to get the right size of your  Novamed pad – this will make it more comfortable, and much less likely to leak. Remember Goldilocks- not to big, not too small, but just right!


Novamed have three options at the moment. There is a flat underpad, which can provide reassurance, especially where the seat is not washable such as in a car. There is a Novamed pull-up, that is a disposable pant with integral pad, so no worries about the pad escaping to block the loo, or maximise embarrassment by falling out of clothes. This is available in three hip sizes, 14 in an easy to manage pack. This is for the man or woman with a less severe problem, and for those whose problem is most severe, there is an “all in one” or adult nappy, again available in three hip sizes. There are 30 in a pack. This will provide good containment for both liquid and solid matter.


Body worn products are usually the best containment choice, keeping your pad close to your body keeps the contents at body temperature, and this will minimise smell and possible skin rash.


Make sure you store your Novamed pads somewhere nice and dry – such as the bottom of your wardrobe or in the airing cupboard They are sensitive to damp or steamy atmospheres such as found in the bathroom or garden shed.


 Routine use of cream for this area is not necessary, and will stop your Novamed pad giving you its best as many creams can leave a waterproof coating on the pad. Just use when a particular one is advised by your Health Care Professional, and then it is usually just enough to thinly coat the area.


The absorbent part of your Novamed pad in contact with your bottom is covered by a comfortable fabric which allows liquids to pass straight through, into a mix of fibres which will retain  them. These fibres are critical to the performance of your Novamed pad. However, all pads do have a limit, which is why getting the correct pad is important.


Changing your pad is not necessary every time you go to the loo-unless it's full. However, if there are any markings from the rear, the pad does need changing. Unless you are somewhere that has a Clinical Waste service, used Novamed pads can be placed in a bag and then included in the normal household remember to wash your hands once you have finished.


You can get more supplies of Novamed pads from Novamed, who can arrange regular deliveries, as well as  eBay or Amazon.

Written by: Mrs. Julie Collett
Retired Continence Nurse Specialist


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