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Fitting Guide - All-in-one / Adult Slips / Adult Nappies



Measure the hips and waist and using the larger of these two      measurements to ensure that the correct product size is selected.



Open the All-in-one fully and position the end with the wings and fixation tapes to the back ensuring that the wings are fully open before applying the pad. Make sure the back sheet with feather pattern is outside and the soft white inner lining is facing upwards.



Gently fold and cup the All-in-one lengthways. Do not touch the inside of the All-in-one to avoid contamination. Gloves may be worn during this process if you prefer.



Slide the All-in-one between the legs from front to back, positioning the front forward (see diagram).



Open the tapes at the sides and press them firmly to the front half of the All-in-one lower tapes first - direct upwards, then the top tapes directed downwards. Adjust as necessary until the All-in-one fits comfortably and evenly.



To remove - undo the tapes at both sides and pull carefully away from the body, preferably from behind.



Roll up from the bottom upward. Follow local sanitary waste disposable regulations for safe disposal. Do not flush down toilets.


Click on the image to download the fitting guide: