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Underpads / Bedpads Benefits

Product Benefits: -

- Secure Dry - The soft Diamond-embossed design Top-Sheet helps in equal distribution of the liquid, and the waterproof backing prevents leakage from the bottom. This makes Novamed Incontinence Disposable Underpads the most versatile solution for protection of those hard to clean surfaces like beds, mattresses, chairs, wheelchairs etc. 

- High Absorption - Our Underpads have especially been designed with High Quality Fluff and Super Absorbent Polymers which helps in faster absorption and retention of fluids by converting the liquid into gel. This helps in keeping fluids away from your skin leaving it feeling dry. Total absorption of our Bed pads is 1700-1900ml. 

- Adhesive Tapes - The Adhesive Tapes on the 4 corners of Novamed Underpads helps to secure the pad in one place on most hard to clean surfaces such as Mobility Chairs, Scooters, Sheets, Beds etc. 

 - Discreet & Comfort - Novamed Bed Pads are made from comfortable and breathable Hypo-Allergic Latex-Free material that is kind on the skin and doesn't make the ruffling sounds while someone is sitting on the pads. 

- Unisex Design and Easy Disposal - Novamed Incontinence Pads are designed for men, women, and children. Fold from the corners inwards and dispose as per the local guidelines.