Adult Incontinence All-in-one / Nappies / Slips or Adult Incontinence Pants

Adult Incontinence All-in-one / Slips or Adult Incontinence Pants
Incontinence pads are great for people who may need the benefit of extra protection from little leaks to total loss of bladder and bowel. 

On the other hand, adult continence slips are better for those who need long-term continence care that involves wearing them all day and night, not just as necessary.

This is where incontinence pants come in. They are a great alternative to pads and adult nappies because they provide the same benefits to your incontinence care while allowing you to carry on about your day-to-day activities without having to worry about leaks.

There are different types of incontinence pads that you can choose from, from adult all-in-ones to adult pants, to incontinence pads. 

Which one is better than the other?

Which one would work best for you?

Well, that really depends on who you ask or what level of incontinence do you want to manage.  

If you have are trying to manage light incontinence like occasional leaks when you cough or sneeze, then you are better off choosing a pad. 

If you are someone who needs to manage medium incontinence like urge incontinence where you cannot reach your toilet on time, then you should try adult pants. The adult incontinence pants are like normal underpants. They have easy tear away sides and adhesive tape on the back for easy disposable. Suitable for people of all genders and active lifestyle. They are discreet and with non-woven backsheet do not make ruffling noise.

If you are someone who needs to manage heavy incontinence like bladder and bowel incontinence, then you should try adult all-in-ones / slips. They are wrapped around waist and hip and have resealable fixation tapes which can be refastened and resealed to have a snug fit. They have hydrophilic topsheet for easy absorption and hydrophobic nonwoven backsheet which keeps them discreet and easy to wear.

Managing continence can be easy and in your control, there are many options available to manage continence which will be best suited to your needs. You should always discuss with your healthcare professional the best possible options to manage your continence.