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At Novamed, we have a core belief that innovation in the science of care improves patient’s comfort and brings them dignity. With this in mind we have developed our range of incontinence products in different absorbencies, to manage different levels of incontinence.

Thousands of people rely on Novamed to keep them secure, dry and independent. People around the world can continue to live an active lifestyle, with Novamed’s incontinence pads and pants, you can manage medium to heavy incontinence. Our incontinence products have an enhanced Secure Absorption area that helps to manage with leaks, odour control, and keeping skin moist.

Issues with bladder and bowel control can occur at any age, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying life to the full. Incontinence may be temporary or longer-term, and Novamed pads will allow you to continue as normal. A comfortable continence pad provides protection and can give you the confidence to manage continence.

Our range includes All-in-ones / Slips, Pants and Underpads / Bedpads. We have produced a range of incontinence pads and pants in different absorbencies to manage varying levels of incontinence and increased mobility and independence. Our range of incontinence pads and pants offer discreet and dependable protection allowing peace of mind for all genders.

We offer you the convenience of ordering either online, by telephone or by post, and then your pads will be delivered in discreet packaging direct to you. You can choose the best product for you and try a sample if you like, without the hassle of struggling with bulky bags at the shops.

Managing temporary or ongoing continence is easier with proper support and guidance from our specialist team at Novamed.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions, comments, or suggestions at or call us on our free phone 0808 196 2070.

Your contact details and questions will always remain private, and we will not share them with anyone.

Our Vision

To develop solutions that create better healthier world together. 

Our Mission

To continually improve our performance, by regularly evaluating our products and services, and identifying actions to ensure that our objectives are achieved and that problems are prevented.