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Novamed Pads

We supply adult continence products for people of all genders to maintain an active, dignified and independent lifestyle.

Thousands of people rely on Novamed to keep them secure, dry and independent. People around the world can continue to live an active lifestyle, with Novamed’s incontinence pads and pants, you can manage medium to heavy incontinence. Our incontinence products have an enhanced Secure Absorption area that helps to manage with leaks, odour control, and keeping skin moist.

We are a British brand in urinary incontinence, leakage, and bladder weakness management, with products available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Novamed's range of continence products

Adult All-in-ones (nappies), pull-ups, underpads to suit different levels of bladder and bowel incontinence

See what our customers say

The product is completely satisfactory to the user, my husband. It gives him, his confidence back. - SA

Excellent Service and Product

Perfect service and product. Definitely the best one I've ever used.

This is a reorder as pants are fantastic, I can go out without any fear of leakage, totally transformed my life. They are comfortable and far superior to the others I have tried. Great value and super fast delivery.


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