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Incontinence Products - Measuring Guide

The accurate measurements will ensure that you will select the right sized incontinence protection for yourself whether it is our Adult All-in-ones / Nappies / Slips or Pull up pants. Having correctly fitted continence products will lower the risk of leakages and will provide you with a comfortable fit.

 Ask someone to help you take your measurements. If that is not possible, always stand in front of a full-length mirror so you are able to see where to measure. Please ensure the measuring tape is snug when taking the waist and hip measurements. Do make a note of your measurements to select the correct size of Novamed Incontinence products.

 Reasons why wearing correct size of continence products matter:

  • An incontinence adult disposable All-in-one / Nappy or Pull up Pants with right size and fit should always be secure and snug fit.
  • Wearing a bigger continence products not necessarily means it being more absorbent. Wearing bigger products might actually lead to leaks as the leg cuff will not be snug enough.
  • Wearing a smaller size will be uncomfortable and will lead to skin irritation.