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All in One - Novamed (Europe) ltd

All in One

Our All-In-Ones / Adult Nappies / Adult Diapers has absorbent inner layer, combined with a waterproof backing, means that our All-in-Ones are designed for moderate to severe incontinence.

They have a reinforced core that locks in moisture and minimises odours.

A soft, breathable, hypoallergenic cloth-like top sheet made of cotton makes them comfortable to wear, while the reinforced core will absorb and then retain fluid. The wetness indicator allows for improved monitoring.

These are designed for those facing moderate to severe problems, which may include bowel leakage.

The shape is designed to fit close to the body, two adhesive tapes on each side give an individual fit, while side elastication will minimise leakage.


Product Benefits :

  • Super-absorbent molecules for effective odour neutralisation
  • Breathable stretch side panels provide comfortable fit
  • Super security & discretion
  • Highly absorbent core provide lasting dryness and kind to skin
  • Complete leakage protection and latex free
  • Easy and hassle free returns on unopen and unused bags
  • Quality products at affordable pricing
Size Waist Absorption
Medium 80-120cm
Large 100-150cm
Extra Large 110-160cm

  • They come in Pack of 30 nappies in a bag.
  • If you would like a regular order please contact us via telephone on FREEPHONE 080 196 2070.

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