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We supply adult continence products for people of all genders to maintain an active, dignified and independent lifestyle.

Thousands of people rely on Novamed to keep them secure, dry and independent. People around the world can continue to live an active lifestyle, with Novamed’s incontinence pads and pants, you can manage medium to heavy incontinence. Our incontinence products have an enhanced Secure Absorption area that helps to manage with leaks, odour control, and keeping skin moist.

We are a British brand in urinary incontinence, leakage, and bladder weakness management, with products available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our range includes All-in-ones /Slips, Pants and Underpads / Bedpads. We have produced a range of incontinence pads and pants in different absorbencies to manage varying levels of incontinence and increased mobility and independence. Our range of incontinence pads and pants offer discreet and dependable protection allowing peace of mind for all genders. Our adult incontinence products are so comfortable to wear that you may forget it's on. You can wear them with confidence at work, in the gym, or outside.

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All-in-one / Slip

Novamed All-in-ones have super absorbent inner core, combined with waterproof backing, means that our adult incontinence all-in-one protection are designed for moderate to heavy incontinence with high absorbency. They are available in Sizes Medium to Extra Large.


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Pull up Pants

They have a superabsorbent inner core, combined with waterproof backing meaning that our adult incontinence pants for men and women are designed to manage medium to heavy incontinence. They are available in sizes Medium to Extra Large.


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UnderPads / Bedpads 60*90 cm

Our Under pads are a versatile product which may be used to add protection to those hard to clean surfaces such as beds and cushions, to protect them from accidental leakages. They have Super Absorbent Polymers for quick absorption, waterproof backing to prevent leakage and adhesive tapes on all 4 corners of the bedpads.

25 Pads per Bag - Absorbency: 1700-1900ml

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