At Novamed, we have a core belief that innovation in the science of care improves a patient's comfort and brings them dignity. Our values include: effective solutions to common medical issue, innovative and up-to-date care for those in need, comfort and dignity for patients and a helping hand to all those who require it. With this in mind we have developed this range of continence products.

Problems with bladder and bowel control can occur at any age, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying life to the full. A problem may be temporary, or longer term, and pads will allow you to continue as normal. A comfortable pad provides protection and can give you peace of mind.

Sometimes a visit to the doctor will be necessary, for example if it is painful to pass water, or you see blood, but you may need to manage the issue, and get back to life.

We have produced a range of products, in different absorbencies, for different problems. We offer you the convenience of ordering either online or by post and then your pads will delivered, in discreet packaging direct to you. You can choose the best product for you, and try a sample if you like, without the hassle of struggling with bulky packets at the shops.