Novamed of Surrey are proud to offer three quality containment options, either online or by mail order.

Sometimes, possibly as a short term containment measure, pads can be really helpful, allowing normal daily life to continue, however bladder and/or bowel incontinence may be caused by conditions requiring medical treatment. A Health Care Professional should be consulted for guidance.

Fluid intake is important, and for most people the recommendation is 1.5-2L (3-4pints) daily. Urine colour is a helpful guide, as healthy urine is “straw” coloured, medications permitting. Strong urine can irritate the skin, and a lack of fluids can lead to constipation, dry skin and even confusion when severe. Do try to keep the bowels moving, fluids and fibre in the diet are really helpful. Some people do need laxatives to keep things moving, your local pharmacist can be a great source of advice here.

Pads should be firm fit, this will minimize leakage, and keep air out, which is the cause of odour. Please do check your measurements before ordering. Creams are not usually necessary unless prescribed by a Health Care Professional, and can reduce pad efficiency by giving it a waterproof coating. It is not unusual to wear different pads at different times of day, a pad worn overnight often needs to contain more, as it is in place for a longer period, and as time passes relatively more urine is produced overnight.

Pads available from us are high quality, and cost effective. There is a choice of pull up pant style, an all in one (adult nappy) and an underpad for protecting flat surfaces, for example car seats or furniture. WE deliver to your choice of UK address, other countries by arrangements. They are discreetly packaged, and save you the bother of struggling home with bulky bags.

Used products are usually wrapped, and then added to the standard household waste. Few local authorities provide specialist collection services for this type of product.