Affects of Incontinence on Mental Health

Affects of Incontinence on Mental Health

When discussing about Incontinence, we mostly address the physical symptoms, but we seldom talk about the psychological symptoms that managing incontinence can cause. It is always hard to discuss about incontinence and mental health, but this should not be the case. We all should be able to openly talk about incontinence and mental health conditions.

Having to manage incontinence can immensely affect your self-confidence and have an impact on many areas of your life including your mental health. It is important to know that there are healthcare professionals, self-help websites and reading material out there to help you.

Affect of incontinence on Mental Health:

  • Not going out due to fear of not being able to find a traditional toileting facility.
  • Fear of intimacy.
  • Lack of sleep due to waking up at night to go to the toilet
  • Reduced self-confidence due to stigmatism attached to incontinence.

Symptoms of mental health can include: 

  • Depression
  • Changes in Mood
  • Withdrawal
  • Changes in Eating habits
  • Increased consumption of alcohol or smoking

Certain medications that are prescribed to manage mental health conditions can increase the chances of developing incontinence.  Consumption of Alcohol or caffeine can influence the bladder.

What can you do to help?

  • Ask help from your GP or local health care professional.
  • Ask to get help to manage your incontinence through support and guidance
  • Discuss with your GP merits and consequences of medication.
  • Engage in 30 minutes of physical exercise daily like walking, running, light weights etc.
  • Eat a healthy diet and keep yourself hydrated
  • Reduce alcohol intake and quit smoking
  • Practice healthy sleeping habits.
  • If you are struggling with incontinence and think it is affecting your mental health, don’t be scared to reach out. Speak to your health care professional for help. Try using adult incontinence products to help you manage your continence with confidence.