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Article: Managing Continence while travelling and being on holidays

Managing Continence while travelling and being on holidays - Novamed (Europe) ltd

Managing Continence while travelling and being on holidays

With summer holidays approaching we all are planning for staycations, visiting loved ones whom we haven’t seen in a while or planning our big celebrations abroad which were put on hold due to travel restrictions.

If you suffer from any form of incontinence, then the thought of long or short journey to reach travel destination can fill us with anxiety. We all can have stress free holidays that we deserve by planning in advance and learning to manage our continence by incorporating some good habits. Whichever mode of travel you choose you can travel and manage your continence with confidence.

Here are few tips to help you have HAPPY HOLIDAYS:

1. Plan a Route with Toilet Breaks 

When travelling by car, plane, train, or cruise ships find toileting facilities along the way for frequent breaks every couple of hours. Map out services along your journey to make stops in advance. Look up airports or train stations ahead of time to view toilet locations. Try to book an aisle seat for easy access to toilets on airplanes and trains. 

Medical equipment and continence pads can be bulky especially when you are travelling abroad. The good news is that they might be eligible for an exemption of excess luggage fees, where you don’t have to pay extra luggage charges. Contact your airlines in advance to confirm and arrange to carry them without paying extra before travelling. It is best to carry a letter from your GP confirming that the items are needed to manage a medical condition. 

When at your holiday destination in resorts or hotels ask for restrooms and familiarise yourself with the location, so you don’t have to struggle to find them when urge strikes.

2. Diet

Ensure to keep yourself hydrated. If you are not hydrated your urine can become concentrated. Concentrated urine can irritate the lining of the bladder and urethra and can worsen incontinence. But avoid too many caffeinated, fizzy or too many alcoholic drinks.

3. Always be Prepared

Incontinence Products: Take enough incontinence products for your holidays and additional few days in case there are delays or change in your voiding habits due to change in environment/weather. Carrying bedpads / underpads for your car seats can give you extra protection should there be an accident on the way making your journeys less stressful so you can enjoy time with your loved ones. If travelling within UK a company like Novamed Pads can deliver your incontinence product supplies directly to your holiday destination so you don’t have to carry extra luggage with you. 

Medication: Always speak to your Healthcare professional about medication that you might require for your trip in addition to any that you already take. Always take enough for your time away and some extra to account for unexpected delays. Always keep a week’s supply in your hand luggage as lost / delayed luggage isn’t uncommon.

Ask your GP to write you a letter that says the medication is for personal use and details. Carry this letter with your prescription with you. Always check that your medication is not banned at your destination location. 

Keys for disabled Toilets – Get a key for disabled toilets if you are travelling and holidaying within UK. 

Managing continence is easier with right tools and advice. Always speak to your healthcare professional to offer you the advice to manage your personal situation.


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