What Causes Constipation?


What Causes Constipation?

Constipation can be very uncomfortable and can be caused by many different things:

Constipation could be if you have not passed your toilet at least three times during the last seven days or the poo is hard lumpy, and large you are having to strain very hard when passing your stool.

In some cases having to strain when going to the toilet can cause little blood smears on the toilet tissue. There's nothing to worry about, but if it does continue, please consult your GP.

Constipation is a symptom is not a disease. The most common causes are poor diets that lack exercise and irritated bowel syndrome pregnancy can also affect Constipation or abusing laxatives travel is also another factor and hormonal disturbances.

What can help with Constipation fast 

taking fibre supplements

drinking lots of water

use a stool softener

take a laxative stimulant

try an enema

High fibre foods can also help Constipation fast. An example is whole grain bread and cereal, rice and beans.

Lifestyle changes are significant to help you poo

some changes should be adding more fibre to your diet. You should consume around 12 to 14 grams of fibre per day for every 1000 calorie diet.

Exercising is key. Try to get as much exercise as you can. This could be riding, black jogging walking, swimming or just your general walking the dog type.

Drinking as much liquid as possible, mostly water, aim for at least a litre of clear liquid a day. A great example would be to buy a litre bottle of water and make sure the bottle is empty by the end of the day.

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