Bladder Diary

Bladder Diary

A bladder diary is a simple chart which allows you to record the fluid you drink and the urine you pass during the day and night, as well as it helps you document if you have urgency (a sudden intense need to pass urine that cannot be put off) and/or accidental urine leakages.

Keeping a bladder diary to keep track of your daily urinary habits can help your healthcare professional better understand your symptoms of a sensitive bladder. This might help the reason behind bladder control and help one get the right treatment to management your condition.


This three-day diary will give a prospective of how your bladder is working and an idea of your fluid intake, the amount of urine your bladder can hold and often do you need to void it.

Fluid intake

In this column, please record how much fluid you drink, i.e. coffee, tea, water, wine, etc.

Each time you drink, record how much you have drunk and record the time that you had the drink in the Time column.

You may find it easier to measure how much a mug or cup holds and estimate the fluid intake by always using the same cup.


In this column you should record the amount of urine passed. Each time you pass urine record the volume passed (in ml) and write the time that you passed it in the first column. For this you will need to buy a small plastic measuring jug. Please also record during the night.

Where it is not possible to measure the volume, for example, if you are out shopping, please tick the box to show that you have passed urine.


In these two columns you record any wet episodes. If you leak urine, tick the box and write the time that you leaked in the time column. You can record the reason for the leak in the other leakage column using the key below:

U = Did not get to the toilet in time

S = cough, sneeze, movement, or exercise

O = Other / not known

Time spent in bed.

In the first column, please also mark the time you went to bed (B) and the time you got up (A).

Title of the document

Bladder Diary

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