Incontinence Bundle All in one and Underpads


Novamed Pads Bundle Package 

What you get with this bundle: 

2 packs of 15 All-in-one / Slip 

1 pack of 25 Underpads / Bedpads 60*90cm 


- Sizes Available Medium to Extra Large for All-in-one / Slip 

- High Absorbency 

- Molecular Super Absorbents for excellent Odour Neutralisation 

- Wetness Indicator on All-in-one / Slip 

- Adhesive Tape on all four sides of underpads / bed pads 

- Secure Dry and Breathable Core 

- Barrier Leg cuff for improved containment and reduces the risk of leakage in All-in-one / Slip

- Unisex 

- Discreet non-rustle material 

Click Here For Size Chart


You will receive two bags of All-in-one in chosen size and one bag of Underpads 

  • Disposable Incontinence Containment Pads from Novamed has a super absorbent inner core, combined with waterproof backing means that our adult incontinence All-in-one for men and women are designed to manage  medium to heavy incontinence. They are available in sizes Medium to Extra Large. 
  • Novamed Adult Incontinence All-in-one have a reinforced core that locks in moisture and minimises odours. 
  • A soft, breathable, cloth-like top sheet made of non-woven hypo-allergic fabric prevents skin irritation and makes them comfortable to wear. All our incontinence products are fitted with leakage barriers and are latex-free. 
  • The wetness indicator allows improved monitoring and an indication when the adult incontinence pads required changing. 
  • Novamed Incontinence Disposable Bed Pads, Mattress Protectors, Underpads, Incontinence Pads - 60x90cm - 25 pads per bag - 1700-1900ml absorbency. 
  • Novamed Disposable Bed Pads are a flexible and versatile product that can be used on any surfaces such as wheelchairs, sofas, beds or car seats to protect them from accidental leaks while providing maximum comfort. 
  • Due to Super Absorbent Polymers the fluids are absorbed very quickly and high quality fluff increases retention and provides High Absorption capacity whilst being kind to the skin. 
  • The waterproof backing prevents leakages. The adhesive tapes on the 4 corners of the Bedpads/Underpads helps secure the pad in one place on all surfaces. 
  • Our Underpads feature a soft top layer for greater comfort and diamond embossed design for equal distribution of the fluids into the pad so the wetness is not felt against the skin. 
  • Discreet & Comfortable - Novamed All-in-one and Underpads / Bedpads are made from comfortable and breathable Hypo-Allergic Latex-Free fabric that is kind on the skin and doesn't make ruffling sounds while walking or sitting. 
  • Secure Dry - Our Disposable All-in-one / Slips  have a super absorbent polymers which converts liquid into gel to prevent leakage and offering a constant sensation of dryness on the skin. Our Underpads have soft Diamond-embossed design Top-Sheet which helps in equal distribution of the liquid, and the waterproof backing prevents leakage from the bottom. This makes Novamed Incontinence Disposable Underpads the most versatile solution for protection of those hard to clean surfaces like beds, mattresses, wheelchairs, sofas etc. 
  • High Absorption - The total absorption of our incontinence all-in-one / nappy for men and women is between 2550-2880ml dependent on the size. Our adult disposable incontinence pants are particularly suitable for adults with an active lifestyle. Total absorption of our Bed pads is 1700-1900ml. 
  • Adhesive Tapes - The Adhesive Tapes on the 4 corners of Novamed Underpads helps to secure the pad in one place on most hard to clean surfaces like Mobility chairs, scooters, sheets, beds etc. 
  • Leak Guard - Waterproof elasticated side barriers on the leg opening of our incontinence All-in-one / Slips provide extra protection against any leaks. Odour Neutraliser minimises odour for increased confidence and comfort. 
  • Unisex Design and Easy Disposable - Novamed Adult disposable All-in-one / Nappies and Underpads are designed for both men and women. Dispose as per the local guidelines. 

    Size Chart for Novamed Pants 

    Size Waist Absorption
    Medium 70-120cm
    Large 100-150cm
    Extra Large 110-165cm

     There are 14 pants in one bag.

    Size for Novamed Underpads / Bedpads 

    Pad Size: 60x90cm 

    Absorption: 1700-1900ml 

    There are 25 pads in one bag. 

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