Bowel Problems, Conditions & Symptoms

Bowel Problems, Conditions & Symptoms

If you have or have just been diagnosed with IBS, Constipation or Colitis, we can help you with advice and products. 

Here at Novamed, we believe that our customers come first, and before anything, confidence.

If you have or had experienced any of the following symptoms, you must see your GP right away:

  • bleeding from your backside even if it is a small amount
  • blood in your stools, which can make them look bright red, dark red, or black
  • bowel habits changing and lasting three weeks or more
  • weight loss and tiredness, which has come along fast
  • pain or lump in your stomach area which was not there before

If you are experiencing any of the above, please contact your GP right away. 

Here are some questions we get asked with answers:

Do you find it hard to have a bowel movement or have bowel movements less than 4 times per week? 

Do you not feel empty after passing bowel movements? You could be constipated.

Do you have loose stools or watery more than 4 times a day? You could have diarrhoea.

Do you leak stools without knowing? You could have bowel incontinence

It is never too late to get help with bowel problems. If you would like some advice and help on how to speak to your GP about your bowel problems, you may send us an email or call us, and we can help discuss how to approach your GP.

We offer pull up pants for adults at Novamed, which we are delighted to say we help customers worldwide with bowel problems and have a lot of experience in the sector. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at Novemed