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Description for 2 Packs of All-in-one and 1 Pack of Underpads

You will receive two bags of All-in-one in chosen size and one bag of Underpads 

  • Disposable Incontinence Containment Pads from Novamed has a super absorbent inner core, combined with waterproof backing means that our adult incontinence All-in-one for men and women are designed to manage  medium to heavy incontinence. They are available in sizes Medium to Extra Large. 
  • Novamed Adult Incontinence All-in-one have a reinforced core that locks in moisture and minimises odours. 
  • A soft, breathable, cloth-like top sheet made of non-woven hypo-allergic fabric prevents skin irritation and makes them comfortable to wear. All our incontinence products are fitted with leakage barriers and are latex-free. 
  • The wetness indicator allows improved monitoring and an indication when the adult incontinence pads required changing. 
  • Novamed Incontinence Disposable Bed Pads, Mattress Protectors, Underpads, Incontinence Pads - 60x90cm - 25 pads per bag - 1700-1900ml absorbency. 
  • Novamed Disposable Bed Pads are a flexible and versatile product that can be used on any surfaces such as wheelchairs, sofas, beds or car seats to protect them from accidental leaks while providing maximum comfort. 
  • Due to Super Absorbent Polymers the fluids are absorbed very quickly and high quality fluff increases retention and provides High Absorption capacity whilst being kind to the skin. 
  • The waterproof backing prevents leakages. The adhesive tapes on the 4 corners of the Bedpads/Underpads helps secure the pad in one place on all surfaces. 
  • Our Underpads feature a soft top layer for greater comfort and diamond embossed design for equal distribution of the fluids into the pad so the wetness is not felt against the skin.