How your Bladder Works - Novamed (Europe) ltd

How your Bladder Works

A bladder works by storing and releasing urine when it's appropriate. A healthy bladder is a muscle that will hold up to 15 ounces of urine before ...

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Staying Healthy - Novamed (Europe) ltd

Staying Healthy

We all dream of having perfect health. Who wouldn't want to feel full of life, happy, and healthy every day? But even looking after ourselves can b...

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How Your Bowel Works - Novamed (Europe) ltd

How Your Bowel Works

It's one of the most fundamental human functions, but do you really know how your bowel works? We'll break it down in this blog post, so you can sp...

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Incontinence Problems - Novamed (Europe) ltd

Incontinence Problems

Many things can result in incontinence. Many different factors can contribute to incontinence, such as specific diseases, pregnancy, constipation, ...

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Bowel Pressure - Novamed (Europe) ltd

Bowel Pressure

Bowel Pressure is pressure or tightness in your lower abdomen. Bowel pressure may be caused by gas, the muscles of your intestines, or stool. Most...

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Incontinence In Sports - Novamed (Europe) ltd

Incontinence In Sports

Some people are embarrassed by the accidents they experience while competing in sports. What's more embarrassing is how common of an occurrence thi...

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Stomach Pains - Novamed (Europe) ltd

Stomach Pains

The average person has four stomachs. Here are a few ways you could fix a stomach ache:- Drink cool water with lemon - Take two Tums, and wait to ...

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Incontinence Advice - Novamed (Europe) ltd

Incontinence Advice

Incontinence is a persistent problem with controlling your bladder or bowel function. The problem is also called urinary or faecal incontinence. A...

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How Do Your Bowels Work?

If you want to know how your bowels work, we've got some information here for you. You can read on to learn about all the different things that mak...

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Age Incontinence - Novamed (Europe) ltd

Age Incontinence

The condition of involuntary leakage of urine is medically known as incontinence. This can be categorized into two types: urge incontinence and str...

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What Is Stress Incontinence - Novamed (Europe) ltd

What Is Stress Incontinence

Stress incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine or stool due to sudden, intense stress on your bladder or bowels. It usually occurs when you a...

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