Incontinence Meaning - Novamed (Europe) ltd

Incontinence Meaning

If you find yourself frequently experiencing incontinence, you're not alone. As many as 1 in 3 adults suffer from the problem, and 1 in 5 have had ...

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Urine Colours - Novamed (Europe) ltd

Urine Colours

The urine may be dark yellow in the early stages, but it will become lighter as jaundice progresses. Brown urine may also occur as a result of live...

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What Is Incontinence? - Novamed (Europe) ltd

What Is Incontinence?

When you think about what causes incontinence, the first thing that probably comes to mind is an older adult who can no longer control their bladde...

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Incontinence Pads - Novamed (Europe) ltd

Incontinence Pads

Why should you care about incontinence pads? They're one of the most critical aspects of healthcare for persons with disabilities. That is if you o...

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What Is A Stoma bag - Novamed (Europe) ltd

What Is A Stoma bag

An ostomy bag is a device similar to a pouch that the surgeon attaches to your abdomen or stomach when cancerous growths make it necessary to remov...

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Bowel Inflammation - Novamed (Europe) ltd

Bowel Inflammation

Bowel Inflammation and its associated condition, Crohn's Disease, can affect one in every 100 Americans. With the discovery of new research that ha...

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Blood In Stool Causes - Novamed (Europe) ltd

Blood In Stool Causes

Blood in the stool can be alarming for both adults and children. The bright red colour may make you worry that there is a bleeding ulcer or cancer ...

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Controlling Your Bowels - Novamed (Europe) ltd

Controlling Your Bowels

It's not unusual to suffer from constipation. One can argue that the less you poop, the healthier you are! But if even a week passes with little or...

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Bowel Incontinence - Novamed (Europe) ltd

Bowel Incontinence

This blog post is about bowel incontinence, what causes it, how to prevent it and how to manage it. Bowel incontinence is the accidental discharge ...

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Urine Infection Information - Novamed (Europe) ltd

Urine Infection Information

Urine infections are caused by bacteria that contaminate the urine. Most commonly, disinfecting agents such as ammonia or chlorine used in laundry ...

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Incontinence Pads For Adults - Novamed (Europe) ltd

Incontinence Pads For Adults

If you find yourself struggling to control your bladder, incontinence pads are an excellent way to help prevent leaks. Every adult is different whe...

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